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Show current and historical outages and issues affecting Flow.

Since the broken Outlook approval fiasco, I was working with support who informed me that there is no way to view ALL current issues affecting the Flow service.


The only issues announced on the Flow support page are apparently known problems that currently have no resolution.  This is unacceptable given your users are probably wasting so much time trying to track down known (but hidden) Flow issues that stem from broken backend problems in Microsoft. 


Specifically, I was informed that because a fix was created to patch the Outlook approval problem, even though its more than 2 weeks away from deployment, the problem was removed from the support status page -- if it was ever posted there.


What I'm suggesting is to show a history of all known issues and problems so we can actually take this service seriously and avoid being plagued by known but undisclosed / hidden bugs that we have no control over.

Status: New