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Show source action of dynamic content after it has been chosen

When I choose dynamic content, I can figure out source action of dynamic contents.

But once I choose dynamic content, I can't figure out source action of the dynamic content.


sample image below


























I have created 3 compose action.




















and , final step of this flow, set three compose outputs to sharepoint list.

There is no way to figure out which output is created by action named "compose string A".


There is another problem related to this.


When I want to delete an action, alert message shows there is another action using dynamic content of it.

I can' find dynamic content which nailing the deleting action to the flow.


I can't say what is the best way to solve this problem.

popping up source action name on mouseover ?

add source action name to each label?

enabling second color edit for each action?



Please provide any way to figure out source action of dynamic contents, and way to figure out dynamic contents related to an action.

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