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Simplify Approvals UI

We've just switched our Flows from using Send an email with Options to using Approvals and are enjoying the benefits. However it's not obvious to users that they need to click multiple times in different places to complete an Approval.

The first 2 flows we have used in Production both Managers have clicked on the Approve button in the email and then not noticed/clicked on the Confirm button in the Flow Approvals webpage.

I've also seen a user click on the button in the email and then try to click on the Approve button on the Approval card and then close the webpage, again, not noticing the Confirm button.

If the user is adding a comment I think the current UI is natural but otherwise my users are clicking twice on Approval buttons with no result and not noticing the Confirm button.

Is anyone else experiencing this with their users? I think with the right UI training wouldn't be required.


My thoughts are to remove the 2 buttons from the email - they aren't neccessary - replace with URL

Combine the Approve, Reject, Comments and Confirm button into one window.

Status: New