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Simulate triggers to test flows instead of waiting for RSS, Email etc... to trigger.

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Create the ability to simulate a triggered event by providing test data, as a drop down option similar to Trigger flow buttons.



When flows start with a trigger event, eg: RSS feed or an email etc... it makes it harder to test. By being able to test it with sample data, it would be possible to see if any errors exist, instead of waiting for an RSS item, email etc....

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

+1 for this idea. I'm finding it very difficult to take form data and assemble the JSON dynamic content to pass along to something else.

New Member

Seconded. This makes it difficult to build flows around items, like RSS feeds, that you may not control. An alternative could be to parse previous entries in the flow as templates for new items, instead of waiting for a new item to be added