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Skip Created by field on Approvals

The Created by field in the email should be omitted. It is normally used in organizations and the do not want the name of the creator of the flow. Also, the translation of the Requested by field to Spanish is wrong. It is translated "Solicitado para" and it should be "Solicitado por". Also it would be a good idea if there is the posibility to write in the Requested by field a group email (Now it is only available for single user emails).

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How come this idea doesn't have more votes I don't know. Sending Approval emails and having the Creator of the Flow in Created By makes no sense in the business world, option to remove it should be provided ASAP.

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Or maybe  let to set this filed in order to put in this field the Author of the item

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"Created by" makes sense in a large organization where they may not have a dedicated resource creating flows. This way someone can contact the person that created the flow if an expected outcome doesn't happen or if they want to modify the flow. It would be nice if rather than omitted, it was moved to the end of the email body and state "Power Automate rule created by." 

Helper I

We are a pretty large organization and I share the same opinion, just the fact that you are the flow creator should automatically remove you from the approval process. 

I am having to figure out how to create the condition to remove this and also another to bypass any site owner from having to approve the content they create. 


Anyone can provide help and info on how I can create this condition? for flow owner and for site owners to bypass the approval process? 


Thank you,