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Slack Trigger

I would like to be able to set a slack trigger for when an item is posted to a particular channel, it sends an email and/or text message to a particular group.

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There're many templates for posting to slack chennel now. But there's no template and trigger fired when a message is posted to slack channel.

I would like to create a flow that does some tasks triggered by slack outgoing webhook.

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For example, when messages are posted to a slack channel send them as tweets. Or when files are uploaded to slack copy them to dropbox. 

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I would also like to see slack triggers such as post to Trello from slack post.

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I'd like to see a Slack trigger also in order to repost content from Slack into Teams. It would allow me to set up a steady transition from Slack to Teams by setting migrating all new content into Teams, then after a few weeks move Slack users over, they'll see the last few weeks posts.

Its possibly not the best migration and  certainly slowest method, but nicer for the end user then a scissors.

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I would like the exact thing that @AndyCorpsmentioned. It would be so much easier to transition from Slack if all of the previous conversations were already posted on Teams. It would alleviate any hesitation about Teams not being able to fill the needs that Slack does.

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This is done easily with Zapier. Why can't we get this trigger with Flow?

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Ditto the others - need a Slack trigger for new posts in a channel that are seen in Teams. Not just for transition (although a critical element) but I run a few projects where I manage it all in Teams and still need an Slack team space for external people. This way, our core team manages through Teams but doesn't need to have multiple platforms open if they can see the activity of the outer circle in Slack. 


Is such a trigger close? Who creates triggers anyway? 

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I'd also like to see a starred slack message be able to be sent to OneNote for business (which can happen in Zapier with only OneNote personal)