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SmartSheet Integration improvement

The SmartSheet integrations leave a lot to be desired. It could be improved by:

1. Allowing for an updated row trigger

2. grabbing the columns of a row as variables (on that trigger and any others)

3. Not requiring a list of columns, but instead grabbing them from the sheet and allowing the user to select which ones (or doing so automatically based on what the user picks in a later step

Status: New
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@mrisch - Your Smartsheet integration improvement requests were like you were reading my mind!

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It would be great to have more control over the Smartsheet triggers and actions. One example, would be when a row is assigned to a user, the due date is added to that user's Outlook calendar. 


This level of control would make this integration much more useful.

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Would love to have the updated row functionality - I'd like to autogenerate a task in TFS based on one of my Smartsheets, but only after a certain status has been met, not on the creation of a new row.

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Has anyone been able to use the "Add a discussion to a sheet" action? It fails every time for me. Missing a parameter or arguement or something.

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I'd like to throw in the following functions:


  • Update row based on criteria (same as the CDS update row feature) -> currently you can't update any entries in smartsheet that come from an external source. We would love to use this for a better integration with MS dynamics and CDS as example.
  • Get Rows with criteria option - currently you just get the whole sheet (based on colums you can define) as an HTML table that needs to be parsed for each row and each value in it.
  • The Flow connector shall never enter "null" for undefined values in a sheet since this messes with the dependencies and the ressource management feature of smartsheet (example - end date is never allowed to have a value written into it by the connector) - MS support ticket 117110617107779
  • The Flow connector adds a leading ' character when writing integer values into smartsheet. - Smartsheet support confirmed an issue with the Flow connector.
  • "Get report" implementation to be able to notify users based on collection of data in a report instead of walking through all sheets - we have hundreds of them and this causes unecessary load for Flow.
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Point 3 should be part of this as MVP...

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I'd like to see an improvement to Insert Row where one of the results is "RowID" so that I can use it for adding a discussion or comment to a row. Its strange that the input for add discussion is RowID but you can only get RowNumber from outputs.



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This is still a prevalent thing in 2020. 


RowID should be an output of Insert Row. That's silly.