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Snowflake Connector



Snowflake DW is pretty hot in market right now. There is connector for Snowflake in Power BI and it'll be great to see this connector in Flow. 

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Agreed! Snowflake is now an Azure product, so why not get this connector created to enable PowerApps and Flow to benefit?!

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Any thoughts on this?

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This would be realllllllllly cool! (Just don't make it premium!) 

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Please make connector to Snowflake, its a major player and should have integration 

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Really need to have a Snowflake connector for PowerApps......

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Any Udpate on the Snowflake connector to PowerApps.   My company is wanting us to stop using powerapps because they are going to snowflake and don't see a good option to connect.


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I am exactly in the same situation in my company! Snowflake usage keeps growing and I do not want to stop using Power Automate. Are there any updates?

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A connector for Power Apps and Power Automate would make the naysayers believe the Power Platform is a legitimate contender for enterprise solutions at our company. We wrote a SharePoint to Snowflake sync application in C# that allows us to use the SharePoint list for actions in the Power Platform and the data is synced on a scheduled basis to Snowflake. A direct connector would be optimal.

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I've wanted this for months now!! 

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Does any body got snow flake connector connecting power apps?