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Source/variable Info on hover

Please add the ability to see the box/variable source on hover, it can be really problematic to deduce to what the variable refers to especially when loading multiple data from multiple sources within one service, doubly so when editing a team flow.






Status: Completed

We completed this feature -you can read more here:

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

This is a very good suggestion, we will consider how to make it possible. Thanks!

Advocate V

Hi Stephen - This suggestion sounds similar to mine at ... Perhaps that can be considered as part of this suggestion?

Kudo Collector

As a workaround to this issue you can add any letter befor the action which you want to see and do not remember. Then copy this letter and action (SHIFT with right arrow starting from this letter and move more until this action will be greyed too) to any place e.q. Notepad. You will see full path of this action. Of course copying with mouse works too, but harder to select the action.

Regular Visitor

On formula object, popup message should be detailed formula string.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed

We completed this feature -you can read more here: