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Specific Twitter User Tweets as Trigger


Allow Specific Twitter User Tweets as Trigger for flow



Currently you cannot use a particular user's tweets as a trigger. A keyword has to be used.


Here is a user asking about the feature:

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come on Flow team - sort this one out please

Regular Visitor

me too !  need to pull tweets from a user - not keywords.

New Member

Definitely needed.


I want it to trigger whenever _I_ tweet, not whenever a random twit matches the search text.


You can add a condition to filter by user, but that means your Run History is just full and presumably it adds a lot of additional load on the MS servers.

EDIT: Actually, it kinda works after all. Just put the username (without @) into the search text.  To filter on multiple items (eg, Hashtag and username), separate with comma.  Sure, it will also match any tweets containing the username, but it filters out the vast majority already, and the rest you can use a username filter for. Make sure you get the capitalisation correct in the username filter! It may not be what you expect...

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There is an undocumented solution to this. Simply search for the following:



I'm trying to get it added to the connector documentation... and I wonder how many more hidden features there are like this.



Helper I

Has anything happened with this yet. All I want is to get all tweets from my own account rather than use hashtags.