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Specific Twitter User Tweets as Trigger


Allow Specific Twitter User Tweets as Trigger for flow



Currently you cannot use a particular user's tweets as a trigger. A keyword has to be used.


Here is a user asking about the feature:

Status: New
New Member

It would be nice to be able to have the tweets from one account populate into a spreadsheet without the requirement of tweet text.  This way you can collect all of the tweets from one individual.

New Member

+1  This is needed !! .. Was surprised it wasn't there when I tried to auto retweet or email based on tweets generated.

New Member

I would like the ability to search text posted with Instagram photo, such as keyword or hashtag search. Behavior is the same as the Twitter trigger. 

Not applicable

I would like to be able to, when an image is sent in a tweet, that the image is then posted to my Instagram.

New Member

When will this be implemented?  IFTTT has provided this feature since ~2014.

Frequent Visitor
I want to get every tweet of the people I follow in my twitter account
In my Gmail account
New Member

I also would like this feature along with the value of it being a new tweet and not one previously saved.

New Member

I was hoping to feed in tweets from a client's twitter account into a sharepoint announcements list but there doesn't seem to be a way to grab new tweets from a specific user. Microsoft, please. 

New Member

Please add trigger: when I make new tweet

I think it' quirte basic trigger for twitter connection;

Not applicable

Agreed - need to be able to pull tweets from a user - not keywords