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Staffhub and Dynamics "Resources/Bookable Resources" - Work Hours/Time Off

Seems it would be fairly straight forward for knowledgable MS Flow fan to drive "Work Hours" and "Time Off" from StaffHub into Dynamics 365 Bookable Resources "Work Hours" and "Time Off (Request)" area. Seems Staffhub is moving in a very functional direction, but currently need basic info. synced" over to Dynamics 365 "Bookable Resources".  

Status: New
New Member

We tried to use MS Flow to sync/copy StaffHub schedules in D365 Resource "Work Hours" Calendar, but ran into an error.

Opened a ticket with MS, Microsoft response is that this is by design, but had some suggesttions.


The product team has worked on the case and as per your concern, it is a by design.

We sincerely Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


But we can provide you a work around ,


Workaround :

1. Create a new_entity type to accept the fields on calendar/calendarrule that you want to change

2. Create a flow that creates new_entity in CRM with the desired fields

3. Create a workflow in CRM that executes on creating an instance of the new_entity

4. Build a workflow that transfers the properties to calendar/calendar rule using the workflow UI