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Standardize formatting for Approvals (preferably to HTML)

Since starting to use Approvals in Power Automate, we've had to put up with using Markdown for formatting. This was a pain, especially if you wanted to incorporate reminders and wanted to include actionable/meaningful data in the original Approval message and the reminders (you need to build it in both Markdown format AND HTML format). We've also had to put up with this formatting not being consistently supported in various clients (e.g.: a simple thing like hard line breaks simply not working in Outlook desktop). Now that the Approvals app is live in Teams...guess what? Markdown is not supported at all! So, all that work that went into formatting the Details of the Approvals I've built is useless and the Markdown markup appears in the midst of the details along with no line breaks whatsoever. 


While I generally find the Approvals functionality to be a vast improvement over what was available previously (e.g.: SharePoint Approval workflows), it's these details that prevent them from being as useful as they can be. I still don't understand why Markdown was chosen as the formatting scheme for the Approvals connector, but it was a bad choice. Please either replace it with HTML, or - if that's not an option at this point in the game - make Markdown work everywhere else Approval messages or details surface. That means every version of Outlook (although I think that's coming with the "One Outlook" client arriving in a year or so) and the Teams Approval app.

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@ChadVKealey ,


I totally agree. There is another idea with more votes, please be sure to vote for that one as well:

Approval Email HTML Instead of Markdown - Power Platform Community (