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Start flow from Google Drive

I need a flow to go from Google Drive to One Drive for Business. 

I found the reverse flow here:


I tried to create the flow I wanted but saw I can't start my flow from Google Drive. Can we initiate flows from GDrive?

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Microsoft you are the best...

I saw the one drive to google drive . What about Google Drive 2 One Drive .

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Is it possible to import files from Google Drive to One Drive business??

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Would also be good to have GDrive to Box trigger.

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And a Google Drive to Sharepoint Online... the list goes on ..


Effectively Google Drive to something would be beneficial especially when the reverse is able to be achieved.

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this is also what I need

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Looking for Google Drive to OneDrive Buisness, people are using both and getting confused. We want to migrate and adopt Office 365, starting with a Gdrive envoirement isn't that easy. Please help. 

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A flow to copy or move Google Drive Files to OneDrive for Business files

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Hi to All, 


As we were using the gmail and newly Migrated to the office 365. but still we have alot of files Important ones as well over Google Drive, now copying from Google Drive to the One Drive is hactic, is there any solution which make it easier to copy files from google drive to One Drive for Business instantly 

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Woudl be great to see all triggers made avaialble for Google Drive.  

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I'm working with teachers to transition them to using OneDrive for Business. Google Drive tiggers would greatly help with the transition.