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Start flow from Google Drive

I need a flow to go from Google Drive to One Drive for Business. 

I found the reverse flow here:


I tried to create the flow I wanted but saw I can't start my flow from Google Drive. Can we initiate flows from GDrive?

Level: Power Up

So my company uses Google Drive as a storage place. I want to make a copy of certain shared folders that my colleauges created and shared, and keep updating constantly (so even if it's deleted on their side, I can still have a copy of the folders). Google Drive doesn't let me automatically back up a shared holder to my Drive (or OneDrive). I hate manually backing up other peole's shared folders every so often. Please let me use Flow to automate this!!

Level 8

Why is this not a thing yet?

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They have SFTP triggers --> Google Drive file creation/modification but nothing in the reverse direction. I need triggers for "File Created" and "File Modified" that then result in file creation/syncing to the SFTP side.

Level 8

It's weird that Microsoft provides means to OFFBOARD files from Sharepoint to Google Drive, but not means to ONBOARD documents from Google Drive to Sharepoint.

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so still no news?