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Start flow from Google Drive

I need a flow to go from Google Drive to One Drive for Business. 

I found the reverse flow here:


I tried to create the flow I wanted but saw I can't start my flow from Google Drive. Can we initiate flows from GDrive?

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I think this is essential! I am currently looking at adopting the office 365 suite for our business and having Google drive support would be fantastic. I think its crazy that microsoft is supporting the feature to synchronise onedrive to google drive (in turn supporting google drive better) and will not allow people who are migrating to or trying to adopt onedrive as their primary cloud storage service have no support when coming from Gsuite / Google Drive.

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Also a trigger for when a new file is added to a certain folder would be briliant!

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Yeah, it's strange.


Triggering actions to update files from OneDrive/Sharepoint makes it easy to move away from Sharepoint. 

Triggering actions to update files from Google Drive makes it easy to move into Sharepoint.


The latter should have been made available already. 

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2 years, and we can move our files out of OneDrive/Sharepoint very easily, but it is hard to come from other platforms into O365... 


In other words, a very big exit door, but a very small entrance? Seems counter-intuitive for platform adoption. Just saying.

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Or to make the trigger options (or most of the options) from OneDrive and Sharepoint for Google Drive.

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So my company uses Google Drive as a storage place. I want to make a copy of certain shared folders that my colleauges created and shared, and keep updating constantly (so even if it's deleted on their side, I can still have a copy of the folders). Google Drive doesn't let me automatically back up a shared holder to my Drive (or OneDrive). I hate manually backing up other peole's shared folders every so often. Please let me use Flow to automate this!!

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Why is this not a thing yet?

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They have SFTP triggers --> Google Drive file creation/modification but nothing in the reverse direction. I need triggers for "File Created" and "File Modified" that then result in file creation/syncing to the SFTP side.

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It's weird that Microsoft provides means to OFFBOARD files from Sharepoint to Google Drive, but not means to ONBOARD documents from Google Drive to Sharepoint.

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so still no news?