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Start flow from Google Drive

I need a flow to go from Google Drive to One Drive for Business. 

I found the reverse flow here:


I tried to create the flow I wanted but saw I can't start my flow from Google Drive. Can we initiate flows from GDrive?

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We need a "When a file is added to google drive" trigger.

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As mentioned, it's not easy to Migrate from GSuite to O365. Being able to trigger from Google Drive (i.e. "When file created in Drive, copy to this folder in OneDrive) would really help with migration.

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Please add these Google Drive Triggers so we can take actions on these files:


Google Drive - When a file is created
Google Drive - When a file is modified
Google Drive - When a file is added or modified

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I am also looking at setting a trigger to migrate users from Google Drive to OneDrive. I can't seems to find anything on how to do this or how long before a trigger becomes available.

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yep that would be amazing! 

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It is my case also. 

I want to use One Drive migrating from Google Drive... but it becomes difficult if it is not through a flow from Google Drive...

Could you help me to chage to One Drive for Business?

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This would be very helpful!

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And when a file is updated!

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This would probably require a rewrite of the connector, but if you truely believe in an interoperable workspace, we need two way syncing of 365 and Google files at the folder level.

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This is insane that there is no google drive to ... Are you planning let go of your customers? If that is so I am in line...