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Stop Command

Just as the subject line says. A flow action to force a STOP action. This would help with trying ideas out and testing. 

Status: New
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I see the "Control - Terminate" command now. Perhaps rename that?

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I agree.  I was looking for this action using search terms like "Stop", "End", or "Break". If you could make this action more discoverable, perhaps by allowing searches for those terms to discover this action, it would help.

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A stop flow action is an important capability in situations like when you send an email with options but want to give users other options for how to "respond". In my case, I send an email with options to approve or reject a user's submissions within a PowerApp. The approver can also approve or reject the request from within the PowerApp. The Flow will sit around and wait for the approver to click the button in the initial email they received with the approve and reject buttons even if they had already approved or rejected it from within the PowerApp. It would be very helpful if I could have a parallal branch with a delay action inside a do-until block that checks every 15 minutes if the approval has already taken place in which case it would then stop the current flow and no longer wait for a response from the send email with options. Better yet (this should probably be a separate feature request), there could be a wait action that monitored a specific field for changes and this action could be placed in the the parallel branch.



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The current "Terminate" action cannot be used inside a loop (why?).  What I would like is a simple "exit" action that goes up one level: exit loop, exit scope, exit flow.

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Hi Marton, I am not sure if you have figured this out yet but all you need to do is set a variable inside the loop to true (call it something like "Terminate") and then when your condition is met, you can set that variable to true and make one of the loop conditions to continue while Terminate is false. Once it breaks out of the loop you can check to see if Terminate is true and then terminate the Flow.