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Stop flow from auto-disabling if it isn't run for 60 days

I use Sharepoint/Teams for some basic document management within my team.


Team members drop files into folders, and I have flows set up that send emails to help with document workflow/approval.


At times the flow won't run for 60 days which means it automatically disables itself. I would like to have some control over the time period (set to greater than 60 days) or the ability to stop this from happening. I have many instances where the flows are needed, but don't necessarily run at least once in 60 days.

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Yes, please stop turning off flows.


  • Flows set up to send me a notification if an error occurs. Some errors are rare, but critical when they happen.
  • Flows connected to forms, some are rarely used. 
  • Flows to monitor if someone changes files in a shared folder they aren't supposed to change without approval.

Just to name a few. Turning flows back on all the time is prone to error. You are given 7 days, what if we are on vacation? 


Does anyone know why MS has this policy? We have a daily quota, wouldn't MS want us to max out our quota so we buy more? 


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