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Stop or ask before automatically adding Apply to Each

I would like for Power Automate to ask before automatically wrapping an action in an Apply to Each. It could create a pop-up with a message such as "This dynamic content requires an Apply to Each action, continue?" and have response buttons "OK" and "Cancel." Selecting "OK" would allow the flow to continue and add the Apply to Each, and "Cancel" would cancel adding the dynamic content and let the user try something else.


99% of the time when I get an automatic Apply to Each, I am not trying to use an array. I have to then delete the content, move the action back out of the Apply to Each, and delete the Apply to Each before I can either try a different piece of dynamic content or write an expression to pull the first item of the array. Sometimes Power Automate will not allow me to move the action and I have to delete the entire thing. This happens at least once a project. Either the field is not something I expected to allow multiple choices, or it has the same or almost the same name as a field that isn't an array.


If this is not most people's experience, perhaps there could be a user setting to choose whether to always allow Flow to automatically add the Apply to Each or to be asked every time. 

Status: New