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Stop turning off infrequently used Flows

As per my post here, I have some Flows that are important parts of business processes but rarely used. I need a way to "opt out" of having these automatically disabled. Re-enabling them only turns them back on for a bit until they get disabled again (it seems like about a week), unless they are used. This is a production environment - I can't just add and remove dummy data to trigger these so that they stop getting disabled.

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I work in the k-12 school sector. There are a lot of flows that don't run mid-May through mid-September due to the school schedule. Many processes wind down before school ends and start-up slowly after school starts.  

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Please stop turning these off. We are a LARGE corporation and I am getting alerts every week of workflows being disabled!! This makes no sense and is getting very frustrating!

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@elisem - I had the same problem and put together a scheduled flow to run every day and turn any of my flows that had been suspended back on. I cannot expect non-techie business owners of my sharepoint site to know what to do when an infrequently-used admin flow is suspended, and this makes sure all my admin flows are always ready to run when required.  This is the link to the article I found>>


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@AprilTech - have a look at - this post outlines how to use a scheduled flow to monitor and reactivate suspended flows automatically.  I did this for the infrequently-used flows on the SharePoint site I manage for a non-techie business team.

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Agreed, super dumb I have to spend a few mins literally everyday re-enabling flows for our systems. Heaven forbid I miss one of the notices and things crash down. Lots of form triggers in my environment, some of these forms are used during a short sign up period for the yearly event. Terrible business choice IMO. wishing i had just avoided this entire money grabbing platform.

We pay out the nose for these subscriptions we do have, and then M$ pulls stunts like this to grab even more cash. Shameful.

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Thank you @ONYXJas I got the flow created but now I'm running into permission issues. Hopefully, my local admin will help me out with this. The account that publishes that workflow needs to have a "Global Admin Role" per Microsoft support. The environment maker was not sufficient.