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Stop turning off infrequently used Flows

As per my post here, I have some Flows that are important parts of business processes but rarely used. I need a way to "opt out" of having these automatically disabled. Re-enabling them only turns them back on for a bit until they get disabled again (it seems like about a week), unless they are used. This is a production environment - I can't just add and remove dummy data to trigger these so that they stop getting disabled.

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The expiration limit is here:


But I know this wasn't the case when I initially created the Flows. Which is very frustrating - had I known this would happen, I would have been able to take that into account. 

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why can't i see word online on my flow?

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Alternatively, consider offering a workflow expiration date option on the flow's settings page, trigger, or termination action. 

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I suspect this is a fault in their design, my understanding is a lot of the triggers actually go out and query the source for changes on a set interval of time.


This causes computation power usage that is wasted every time the trigger results in a failure.


As opposed to if it had been implemented that SharePoint or whatever service actually reaches out to flow and raise an event. In that situation no computation power is wasted on flow side while it is dormant waiting to trigger. They are probably getting their resources consumed up with all these polling queries that result in nothing happening and this is their quick fix for a poorly designed product and over selling their capacity.


While not a proper fix, they could at least just degrade service at 60 days to say check every 15 mins instead of just off and having a sliding scale that reduces to say checks once a day after 6 months but never off. Then once a trigger does occur on the once a day it returns to the more frequent checks and then decays off again in check frequency.

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Totally agree!

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