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Stopping flow from triggering themself

Referring to this post.


Can you create a switch button that control the flow from triggering itself when the flow modifies the list it is working on.


Thank you 

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Any news or workaround?

Advocate I

Right now the only possible workaround is to set up a condition that when the flow trigger itself it will exit the flow. I usally setup some hidden boolean column to manage that. 

The flow always run twice, but it works.

Kudo Collector

I ended up making a FlowControl list, then I created a FlowControl-Flow that maintains tasks in this list to minimize the amount of flows watching the document library. This seems like a needless and ugly hack, but I have found no other solution.


What about flow management? perhaps 'update flow state' can disable itself when triggered and re-enable it (with run after all outcomes;) ? I have not been able to explore flow-management because it is in violation with my environments data-loss-policy for some reason, but his feels a bit like a hack as well. 


The triggers that monitor locations that it does work on will burn through free flow runs pretty quickly, not really a financial benefit to develop functionality to avoid that is there? 😕