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Substitute OneDrive link in email once attachment is saved

I save a good subset of my email attachments to OneDrive; in the same flow I also update an excelsheet with the meta data of the file.


I would like to substitue the attachment in the email (which is consuming space in my mailbox) with the link to the file stored on the OneDrive. 

I imagine this to work similar to the manual function of "save to OneDrive"


This also helps when searching for a file in Outlook, that the link opens the Onedrive version of the file and any changes made are then automatically saved in the right location, rather than changes in a read only version, which then needs to be stored elsewhere (that would be the 3rd version of the same file)


It would be really nice if that same capability would also work for saving files to other locations, like Sharepoint or the 'groups' that I'm a memeber of.



Status: New