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Suggestions - BigCommerce - Add as both a pre-built connector, and flows/triggers

I'd like to see a connector for BigCommerce added to the collection, which would make the process of connecting to this information source easier (i'm struggling to get it setup manually).


I'd also like to see triggers/webhooks established for the following activities:

- When a new customer is created

- When a customer modifies their details

- When a new order is created

- When an order is updated


It should be noted that any use of the Order API should make sure that Order Details API is called, so that the content of an order can be evaluated for performing an action.


For example, when a new Order is created where SKU 1234 has more than a quantity of X ordered, someone can us Flow can trigger an action such as send a notification, email with details, etc.

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this would be great! I've been working on figuring this out.