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Support Custom fields in VSTS

on receiving an email to my account, i am trying to create a WI in my VSTS which I can able to create flawlessly. For specific work item types out VSTS templates have mandate custom fields which are not showing in Flows. How can i populate values to these custom fields?

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I'm having te same issue. I Wan't to write a sharepoint list id to VSTS, but that's not possible at this moment.

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does anyone know when we can use custom vsts fields in Flow? I created a custom 'Requestor' field (type = identify) for Work Items where i want to be able to be able to email a status update to the particular person in who has been entered into the 'Requestor' field.

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Unortunately a blocking piece of functionality for a number of processes we are trying to use flow for. Would be great to have feedback from Microsoft on this?


as a workaround, I am using Azure Functions to update the custom fields. 

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Very much the same problem: value from custom field in VSTS to sharepoint. Not possible

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@Bharathrajakr - can you give an example of how you used Azure functions to update custom fields? must be using wrong syntax somewhere as i cant seem to get that to work as expected. Thanks!

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This seems to be a dead thread but I'll drop some info anyway.  I was trying to create a new work item in VSO from a new item added Sharepoint List trigger.  Unfortunately, it didn't list all the fields from my PBIs.  I was attempting to use the "other fields" section, but no matter what I put in there it would fail.  Here's how I fixed it.


1. Download Visual Studio - you can use the community version
2. Download the TFS Process Template Editor extension

3. Open Visual Studio and link to your project

4. Then "Tools" -> "Process Editor" -> "Work Item Field Explorer"

  • You will need certain permissions for this.Work Item Field Explorer.JPG



5. Find your field in this section and grab the "Reference Name" 

  • For me this was "Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.Justification"

When completing this process, I was unable to find the custom field that I really wanted, but I added the included "Justification" field to my PBI and renamed it to "Requirements," which is what I wanted.


I was able to create a new item and populate the fields I wanted.


Hope that helps!