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Support Flow connections with Azure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

If the authentication token lifetime is changed from "indefinite" to something else (e.g. 14 days), the connections will expire after 14 days and the connection will stay broken until we manually re-authenticate.

One workaround is to set the authentication lifetime to “undefined” as described in this documentation:

Another workaround is to configure Conditional Access to address this issue, as described in this article:


Flow connections with Azure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) should be supported, regardless of how we set the authentication token lifetime.

Status: Completed

This issue has been fixed. MFA will no longer cause tokens to expire after 14 days. For all confidential clients (like flows) the tokens will last until explictly revoked. Thank you.

Regular Visitor

@Stephenwhen using MFA, flows continue to fail
When I attempt to manually run the flow I get the error
"some of the connections are not authorized yet. If you just created a workflow from a template, please add the authorized connections to your workflow before saving."

If I go in and manually login in, (using the fix connection link) it seems to work for a short time, and then starts to fail again.

I'm not sure if this is what was described as fixed in your previous response, but if so, as of 02/26/2019 it doesn't appear to be working.