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Support SharePoint Lists with Lookup Fields that point to another site

If you try to create a flow that uses a list that has a Lookup Field which was defined in a parent site, Flow returns an error:


flow error.png


An error is returned even if the field is not being used as part of the flow. 


Status: Under Review
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 Error "The lookup list is in another web." issue is a common problem.  We have solved it in our own application.  We came across this problem when building WebParts using the SharePoint Framework and found a way to fix it.  I assume the FLOW team could use the same approahc to quickly fix FLOW.

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Status changed to: Under Review
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You have made my weekend turining this issue to "under review". If you need any supporting examples please let me know.
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Also see this:

'Enable support for lookup columns in other webs in the REST API' -
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Any update on this?

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Voted. Getting kinda tired of doing this with REST API

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At a minimum, if lookups are not supported, the Flow should not crash if the lookup column is not even being used.  It looks like it itterating across ALL COLUMNS rather than the ones being referenced by the FLOW.  Its a lazy way to get the info and would be better to actually just grab the columns needed by the flow.  This would be an easier fix than supporting lookup columns to another web.

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This is critical for us. Anyone have any update on this?

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Need to be able to create an Approval flow that uses the Approval email indicated in the list item. Approval email comes from a lookup to another SP list.....this is a simple but necessary function . Please get it working.