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Support SharePoint Lists with Lookup Fields that point to another site

If you try to create a flow that uses a list that has a Lookup Field which was defined in a parent site, Flow returns an error:


flow error.png


An error is returned even if the field is not being used as part of the flow. 


Status: Under Review
New Member

We don't have necessary liscense to write custom APIs. So we need this very badly. This same issue persist to powerapps.

Advocate I
Agreed. I’m still waiting on a response.
Advocate I

Bump Smiley Sad

Regular Visitor

Is Microsoft even doing something regarding this issue... ? 😞

New Member

It's been 9 months since the first report of the issue and no new from Microsoft... 

Advocate I

I just tested again just incase they fixed it and didnt tell us.  Nope, still not working.