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Support for Regex in Flow

IsMatch, Match, and MatchAll functions are already supported in PowerApps. Why can't they also be supported in Flow?  Here's a simple scenario that is very difficult to do without Regex support.


I'm starting an Approval Flow to be sent to a user's manager.  I check a user's manager's mailbox to see if an Out of Office message is set.  Such a message will normally include the email address for another person to contact.  I want to extract that email and use it to escalate the approval to that other person.  I can easily extract that email address using Match().  Doing it without Regex is almost impossible.


Why are these functions supported in PowerApps but not in Flow?

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one of the best, and certainly most underrated feature requests out there.  I wouldn't have my current issue if Regex was supported. 

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Currently not using flow because of this limitation.

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I've written up a method of performing Regular expression matches and substitutions in Power Automate, check it out here:

How to use Regex in Power Automate 

This method uses no external connectors and does not require a premium licenses but does give you full Regex support.

Hope this is useful to everyone waiting patiently for this feature to be a standard part of Power Automate.

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Still waiting for RegEx in Flow for years. It would such a great improvement and prevent tons of cascades of nodes and functions calls / expressions.

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The link is for Power Apps and yes, it does exist for Power Apps.  The idea here is to have similar support for Power Automate where it doesn't exist.