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Support for on-premise Active Directory



It would be nice if Flow would support on-premise Active Directory like it supports already on-premise SQL Server.


I'm sure this would help multiple organizations to automate their HR and IT routine tasks (new employees, leaving employees, etc.).


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Toni Rantanen

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This would be great.  I need a way to retrieve AD user names using a parameter such as email address, and can't find a method...

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this would be a useful feature to have , currently using csvs and a powershell script we run , but this isnt the most user friendly solution , and somewhat cumbersone to use .


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Since Microsoft recommend a hybrid solution for exchange I am shocked that there is no connector for On Prem Active Directory.


I am also now facing same issue trying to automate new starters using Powerapps form and Flow but unable to connect to onprem AD. Since Azure doesnt write new accounts back to the onprem AD server I cannot create them directly in AAD. 


The only possible way i can think of working this would be if its possible to execute an on prem Powershell script to create local AD accounts.


Anyone know has there been any progress with connecting to onprem AD with flow/powerapps or anyone have a link with advise on how to run an on prem powershell script as part of a flow ?

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Amen to this! sure would ease the transition from on-prem to hybrid to cloud for a lot of orgs, especially ones where the on-prem ad is long in the tooth and chock full of heaven knows what. all the how tos and examples are always of the simplest version and minimal data. these blog writers should learn to try it with some massive forests and  multiple on-prem ad's etc. If you can make the connector for AAD that does the sync and such, why only one direction? 
also, what about the azure app gateway, that tool helps a ton with on prem apps, can't they connect it to their own stuff?

ok off my soap box now

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Probably not overly helpful to this (not sure how technical everyone is etc) but we got round this by writing some .Net scripts to import AD data into our own Data Warehouse then used the SQL server query options in the power platform to then pull in our on prem AD data. would be nice if it could inherently do so but it's a decent workaround in the meantime

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Does anyone have a solution for this that they can share please? I have created a flow to create a new user account on O365 but don't want the manual process of then creating their account on Prem as well! Seems crazy! Thanks in advance 🙂

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This Idea has a lot of votes, why aren't they considered?