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Support for regex - either in conditions or as an action with capture groups exposed

It would be really good to have support for regular expressions.


This could be surfaced in the UI ideally in both conditions and actions.


A conditional regex would just test whether a string matched against a regex.

An action regex would expose capture groups.

Status: Under Review

This is a great suggestion - we are trying to identify a way to safely run regex in Flow.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

This is a great suggestion - we are trying to identify a way to safely run regex in Flow.

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Great news, thanks for the update @Stephen. We will welcome regex with open arms. 

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@Stephen, any update?

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+1 I think this calls for a lightbulb joke.


Q: How many engineers does it take to type in a Regex?

A: ...

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Here is to confirm that we are also very much interested in this capability. Any update at this point?

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Regex should be possible for conditions and also to search in a string for matching groups and get the matches as output. It's a shame that regular expressions are not support. RegeEx ist such a basic but powerful thing. Much better als simple text search/split, etc. 


And also of course for replace. Like in SED.


To have RegEx available for conditions, string search and replaces, will decrease the need of a lot of compose-chains and expression-chains.

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Any update on this one?

If iOS Shortcuts can, you can 🙂


(they use the ICU RegEx engine I believe)

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How you can have a product based around automation and not have regex available is crazy.


Please add support for regex.

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This idea is sooo complex 😉 but at the same time it's so great that maybe 1-2 years and Flow staff will eventually identify the way to implement it 😄

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Under consideration for two years? Come on Microsoft, put some real resource into this. Regex is a necessity for a platform like Flow.