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Support for regex - either in conditions or as an action with capture groups exposed

It would be really good to have support for regular expressions.


This could be surfaced in the UI ideally in both conditions and actions.


A conditional regex would just test whether a string matched against a regex.

An action regex would expose capture groups.

Status: Under Review

This is a great suggestion - we are trying to identify a way to safely run regex in Flow.

Microsoft Employee

Would like to be able to perform regex commands on strings.


Outputs would be 

- array of matches

- count of matches

- array of arrays of groups in matches


if using find/replace regex, also include full string post replacement

Level: Power Up

I would love to be able to use regex to parse text emails for expected strings and use that to create a calendar event!

Level: Powered On

I would love to use regex for comments from planner task so I can generate a summary of a task based on the key words. This is a good idea to have that ability.

Not applicable

Greate feature, would like to have it!

Level: Powered On

Regex should be usable on all fields, like any other function