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Support for regex - either in conditions or as an action with capture groups exposed

It would be really good to have support for regular expressions.


This could be surfaced in the UI ideally in both conditions and actions.


A conditional regex would just test whether a string matched against a regex.

An action regex would expose capture groups.

Status: Under Review

This is a great suggestion - we are trying to identify a way to safely run regex in Flow.

Level: Powered On

I believe this is the only I'll be able to parse email body for hyperlinks.  We wish to retrieve press releases (pdf) that are linked and not attached to incoming email.

Level: Power Up

We would like to have this feature! 🙂

Level: Power Up


Would help a lot to be able to use regex on flow fields and capture patterns.

For instance, evaluate a mail object then save the attachment in a sharepoint site according to the reference id captured from the evaluated string.

Level: Power Up

I would love this.  My use case is to pull an expected string (document name) from a transmittal email and then insert that to a sql database

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Please let us use regex, period.