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Support for regex - either in conditions or as an action with capture groups exposed

It would be really good to have support for regular expressions.


This could be surfaced in the UI ideally in both conditions and actions.


A conditional regex would just test whether a string matched against a regex.

An action regex would expose capture groups.

Status: Under Review

This is a great suggestion - we are trying to identify a way to safely run regex in Flow.

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We need regex, please

Kudo Collector

There are many good ideas here, but RegEx ist one of the best. It would make so many things for Searching, Filtering, Replacing (!) sooooo.... much easier

RegeEx is a simple and very, very powerful tool. Much better als implemented text search/split, etc. 


Still can't belive this request is open since 2017


What we need?

1. Regex should be possible for conditions and also to search in a string for matching groups and get the matches as output

2. And also of course for text replace, same like in SED.


Having RegEx available for conditions, string search and replaces, will decrease the need of a lot of compose-chains and expression-chains.

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Wow unbelievable Powerflows does not suppost Regex and this is reported since 2017. I might just stop using Power automate just for this one reason. Currently, there is too much effort to achieve simple stuff like string search and replace.

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Sadly, I'm also starting to lose faith in Microsoft's Power Automate Team.  There is not enough development progress on many fronts... (Regex, disabling an action instead of deleting it, etc...).   The idea forum has become a cemetery.  Ideas stay opened for years, with no feedback.  Whomever is managing the ideas forum are not doing their job, thus losing their biggest fans, us!!

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I know, it's just crazy isn't it.  C'mon dev team,  if there is a reason for not doing it at least tell us.  3 years of watching the tumbleweed blow by is a long time for what really seems pretty straight-forward.  

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It's unbelievable that RegEx is not supported!!

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Almost 4 years, and no update yet!!

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What happened with this idea? It's under review from 2017? Please enable this feature. 🙂

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Hope we get this fantastic feature sooon.

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Discovered this limitation for Flows/Power Automate during initial scoping for projects. Third-party providers have paid for solutions offering this functionality; it shouldn't be an extra.


A disappointing response from the MS Power Automate team: hope and promises, sadly no commitment. 😞