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Support for sub folders of 'OneDrive - When a file is created/modified'

I'm creating a flow that will syncrhonise between OneDrive and other cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, etc). Unfortunately you can only monitor a single folder at an given time, which makes it really annoying to setup a large sync structure.


Being able to monitor a root folder would be really useful.

Status: Under Review
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I review and submit dozens of documents a day, this function on a flow would decrease my admin time in the mornigs by 50% drastically speeding up my workflow. Like mentioned above it is discouraging that this function has been under review for so long being that it seems like an essential tool for most operations. 

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In my case, my company has a web application that publishes files to a ftp dynamically, so according to today's date it creates a new folder and save all the archives from the current day inside that folder. Obviously I have a parent folder so it would be awesome to select that parent folder (including all subfolders and files) and let flow do the magic.

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+1 it would be very useful

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Please implement this.


We need to track subfolders without tons of different flows.

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Any update on this?  I don't suppose anyone knows of a workaround to trigger on files created in subfolders?  

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Any update on this request?

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@julowsky There is an option added "Include subfolders" which you can see in the advanced options of "When a file is created" trigger. 

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@Michal hi, do you know if the subfolders option include onedrive for business as well? i don't seem to see that option available when i try to create a flow. thank you!