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Support for sub folders of 'OneDrive - When a file is created/modified'

I'm creating a flow that will syncrhonise between OneDrive and other cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, etc). Unfortunately you can only monitor a single folder at an given time, which makes it really annoying to setup a large sync structure.


Being able to monitor a root folder would be really useful.

Status: Under Review
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We would like to create notifications when files are added or modified in OneDrive for Business. Currently you have to select a specific folder to be monitored. We would like the ability to have the option to include all sub-folders.

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we would like this too.  As we share folderrs to external clients, it would be nice to have notifications for any sub folders/dub-files created

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I wan to use "OneDrive for Business - When a file is modified" Trigger for start my flow under a specific OneDriver folder include subfolders.

Each sub folders exists for per Customers, per Parterns, etc.


My Idea is "include sub folders" option in the Trigger "OneDrive for Business - When a file is modified".



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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+1 for this feature request

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This definitely makes it simpler than creating and maintaining multiple effectively duplicate flows

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Currently the dropbox flows that cover folders only cover a specific folder. If there are any subfolders, you must make a flow for each folder, or add multiple folders to each flow. I suspect my organization is not eunique in that a group will create a folder that they want tracked, but then create many subfolders within it to keep it organized.

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This is essential to make this a worthwhile Flow. I moderate a filesharing section of OneDrive for Business for my colleagues, so am using a OfB>Slack Flow, but only monitoring the root directory is meaningless - I need notifications for all the folders beneath too.

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This option for all cloud file services


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This would be useful for all storage services, onedrive, sharepoint, etc.