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Support for sub folders of 'OneDrive - When a file is created/modified'

I'm creating a flow that will syncrhonise between OneDrive and other cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, etc). Unfortunately you can only monitor a single folder at an given time, which makes it really annoying to setup a large sync structure.


Being able to monitor a root folder would be really useful.

Status: Under Review
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I've just been in touch with Kent Weare who manages the MS Flow division. 


He has responded with this:


"Hi J***. Thanks for reaching out. I have talked with our PM that focuses on 1st party integration with other Microsoft services. He has requested a backlog item to be created for this scenario as we do support it in SharePoint Online. I don't have a timeline to give you, but it is now on that team's radar to deliver. Regards, Kent"


Hope that helps.

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The file created or modified functionality is pretty useless if it doesn't check subfolders.

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Thanks for posting your update Deilla.


And JW - I completely agree.  The function is completely useless to me if it doesn't check subfolders.  


This is a serious upgrade in capabilities for Office365, and small matter of server-load built on rethinking basic logic.

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Would a trigger for when a file is created in a subfolder.

I'd also like a Trigger for when a Folder is created.

Either of these would solve my issue.

My current situation is a Folder and File within that folder are being created by a flow. I want to create share a link to the new folder using a flow, but I can't run any further flows on the Folder or the File within that folder.

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This is an incredibly useful suggestion. It has been over a year and it still says "Under Review" - does anyone know why Microsoft procrastinates so long on such an easy to implement feature?


Being notified on all sub-folders would be so helpful to my business.



I need to know if a file is modified in any sub folder within a parent folder. This parent folder has 200+ subfolders. Can you believe Microsoft is making me create TWO-HUNDRED different flows just to be notified for that ONE parent folder. Why Microsoft?

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Isn't the new office 365 supposed to make collaborating and sharing easier? How come it is still not implemented?

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I'm feeling the pain on this limitation as well.  I constantly run into these half-built offerings with Office 365 where it's just on the brink of being useful and making sense, but they leave out something so simple and functional

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 I Want to create a automatic mail attachement to my colleagues when a new file is updated in One Drive, unfortunately the files was created in a lot of sequential subdirectories (eg: Work -> 2018 -> 05 May -> 21 Monday -> "new file") 


The option "Include Subdirectories" must be support a lot of levels, anyway I need a lot of triggers!!!


Please Plan this option