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Support image markdown in Approval email body

Please consider to add the feature of embedding image in the Approval email body. Currently it is not: Use markdown to format Power Automate approvals - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs .  It would be more convenient for end users to view the image directly in the Approval email body instead of clicking its attachment. As of now, flow makers have to use the workaround of using Outlook connector to customize approval email content and embed images in the email body. 


Thank you. 

Status: New

Having this same issue. A bit inconvenient.

Would be better if this could be implemented.

Super User

@susan-ng , @v-syn ,


Please also vote for this idea: Approval Email HTML Instead of Markdown - Power Platform Community (


- MS should change from markdown syntax to htlm & css.  This would allow support for images, color, etc.