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Support images inside an email content body when reading an email with Flow

Business scenario :  Read emails from a mailbox and save email body to a list item, to further process the item in sharepoint using workflow.


Current situation : I've created a flow that successfully read emails from a shared mailbox and save the email body to a list item in sharepoint. The problem is that whenever the body contains image, the image are not visible in the sharepoint list item.



This is as per day 30 05 2018 not feasible, cf this discussion


Thank you for adding this useful feature !

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BTW, I was looking for a solution to save in-line photos to a document library. I already do this with attachments in emails. I found the solution to my issue here, essentially, the Get attachment component does grab inline photos...the key for me was to set "Has Attachment" to NO, but leave "Includes Attachment" as YES...and now inline photos are grabbed and put into a doc library folder in my flow.