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Support of msg and eml attachments in "When a new mail arrives" trigger

Based on the original post:

I created a flow with trigger "When a new mail arrives". Then a Sharepoint Item will be created in a list based on that mail. And the attachment of the mail will be attached to this list item. This is working well for several attachments type. (images etc)

However when a Email with a mail attached (.msg file or eml) this attached mail won't be added into the created list item.

The attachments object is empty, however the "HasAttachment" = true.


Please support both attachment types in "When a new mail arrives" trigger and "When a new mail arrives in a shared mailbox".

I dont see why all other attachments do work and this not?



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Would we excellent if this requirement can be prioritized for implementation.

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I tried to make a flow in 2020 and ran into this same problem.  I was hoping it would be fixed by now, but you've been waiting since 2018 and it's 2021 now...