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Support shared calendars on Office 365 Outlook connector

Please add support for shared calendars to the below actions in the Office 365 Outlook connector.

  • "Get calendars" action
  • "Get calendar view of events" action
  • "Get event" action
  • "Get events" action
  • "Update event" action
  • "When a new event is created" trigger
  • "When an event is added, updated or deleted" trigger
  • "When an event is modified" trigger
  • "When an upcoming event is starting soon" trigger


In Outlook, we can view events in other employees' calendars that are shared with our organization, for example.
Power Automate should be able to do the same for these events.



This will allow us to notify employees who have appointments within a certain time frame, or who are missing a meeting request via calendar.


It should be an error if an action (such as add new or edit) is performed for which there are insufficient access rights.

Status: New