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Survey Monkey responses

Beyond the generic variables access to the specific questions and responses would be great (Zapier has got it!). Only then you can talk about true integration,otherwise is just notifier.

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This is really criticial functionality that is missing Smiley Sad  Zapier does this successfully, so there shouldn't be any reason as to why Flow can't!


Looking in the JSON that Flow retrieves from SurveyMonkey it seems that the responses are available to Flow, however these values aren't extracted into the dynamic properties.  The JSON also contains the raw values for non-text based responses - which is useless (see screenshot below).  If the JSON contained the text equivalent (e.g. "Great", "5", etc) then I suppose it would be possible to grab these using the Flow JSON parser as an intermediate step between SurveyMoney and Slack/Email/whatever.


Another issue is that the SurveyMonkey "custom_variables" are contained within an object rather than array, so the Flow JSON Parser doesn't detect data from within this object.





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Need this functionality. It is almost worthless to only be able to access general dynamic content and not the actual responses for analysis. It is still a manual process if this is the case, which is not the idea behind flow. Zapier does do it just fine, but we would like to be completely invested in using Microsoft tools and integrations when possible, but this is definitely not integrated to the point where it is useful.

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Surveymonkey integration is pointless without the above data made available to a consumer of the trigger. Sloppy work Microsoft.

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Looking for Survey Monkey JSON - survey responses, I believe this has been requested previously.

The URL to the respones_id just won't cut it. Microsoft please add this ASAP. I built a streaming API connection and dump all responses (currently URL) to Power BI dataset. Someone needs to get to work.

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Agreed - really think that this should be a feature, otherwise the SurveyMonkey functionality is severely lacking. The most important data for most people using this tool are the responses, and like Zapier, it would be great to be able to capture this in Microsoft Flow.

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Is it possible to contribute to this Flow template?

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another me too

accessing the answers in Flow would be most helpful

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Support for SurveyMonkey responses to SharePoint/Excel would be a big win. Zapier provides integrations to Excel but its buggy and often fails. If Microsoft would create this flow I would cancel my Zapier subscription....

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The SurveyMonkey connector is pointless without this. We really need to be able to get the actual survey answers.