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SurveyGizmo Connector

A connector that works within Flow for SurveyGizmo would be good, where a SurveyGizmo survey being completed triggers flow actions and the survey results can be piped into Flow actions. Zapier supports SurveyGizmo as trigger however VSTS actions from this have better support within Flow.
Status: New
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I would also love to see a SurveyGizmo connector out of the box for flows! I know there is already support from to integrate with Dynamics, but being able to easily create approvals or other actions would be a huge help. 

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I too would love to see a  SurveyGizmo connector out of the box for flows.

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For those that are still interested an approach was referenced in another thread that is related to this. Pasting here for awareness of others.
Re: Surveygizmo Webhook Payload Issue - Power Platform Community (