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Sync Zendesk Tickets to Sharepoint list

We would like to sync our open tickets in zindesk to a site in sharepoint. all our big customers have a site on our own sharepoint site and it would be nice to see how many open tickets they have. and when we click on a ticket get directed to that ticket in zendesk

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This should be possible today.  You may need to create a column in the SharePoint list for the URL and dump the url field into it from Zendesk however as I believe the native SharePoint item hyperlink references the SharePoint list item itself.

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Could you upload a higher res image please, its kind of blury

If this works that would be great!
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Reference the image here.  You should be able to zoom in for better quality.

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Hi,casey_jackson I read you comment but it not worked . Zendesk_to_Share_Point_Lista3128143b57e57ca.jpg

Any one give me trick. Look the screen shot - web image

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Hi, I did manage to make aflow that creates a new item in a sharepoint list with the details of the zendesk tickets!


But updating it is a different ballgame. a new flow starts when a zendesk ticket is modified. it wil do the 'update item' action in sharepoint but then it will need to know what item in the list to update... as I cannot add a condition other then the sharepoint list ID (I schould be able to use 'ticket ID' from zendesk) it just creates a new item eacht time a ticket is modified...