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Sync contacts between Linkedin and Dynamics Crm

It would be good if we could set up a flow to sync contacts from linkedin to our Dynamics crm.


and update the dynamics crm as people change thier details on linkedin.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

I use Hubspot CRM so would like a trigger for when I have a new LinkedIn connections it creates a new entry in my CRM. And as above, updating content when profile info changes on their page is important (if I manually import into the CRM, as I do now, and their job changes or email changes - the CRM is then out-of-date). 


In fact, connectors between all social media contacts and my CRM, with live udpates would be nirvana!

Level: Powered On

I want a way of conencting with my LiknedIn account that allows me to setup a number of fields in a SP List that i want to use like name, dates connected and their company details etc. so I can created my own CRM type system.