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Sync folders between onedrive for business

I found a folw that allows to sync new files created in onedrive for business to another account, however, the folw only sync "new files", folders inside the source directory will not be synced. I found almost all of the file sync flows but unfortunately, the all allow us to sync new files. 


So i'm thinking that is it impossible to create a flow that allow us to sync files between onedrive for business, which with folders inside the source directory? 


The main perpose is to syne all the files (include folders) in the source directory to the destination directory.


Does anyone know how to create this kind of flow? 



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I too would like to see a flow to sync folders between sharepoint and onedrive without the need for an action on the folder of file. Just to sync 

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Would like to see a sync flow that enables you to sync between Sharepoint folder to a OneDrive folder or to another folder without a trigger than includes NEW or Modified. Just perform a sync action.