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Synchronize Planner tasks across Planner boards

We use Planner on different levels in the organization, which provides a great overview and shared knowledge, but also requires a lot of manual maintenance work. The same projects appear in different Planner boards, since every team has their own Planner. This means that when, for instance, the due date is changed in one place, we manually have to edit the same project in the all the different Planner boards where this project appears.

I would love to have a flexible feature where I could set up one or two way synchronization between different Planner boards, and customize which elements of the Planner task that should be synchronized and which should not. 

Status: New
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I agree. Each department uses their own planner. As a program manager, I'd like my planner to include all the milestone/tasks from each department into one planner and have it update when the departments update their task.

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