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Syncing Outlook calendar events between two different Office365 accounts

I have two different Office 365 accounts in two different tennants. I can handle two mailboxes, but to keep two calendars identical to show my available time fo coworkers is just over the top. A Flow that syncs the content of two calendars would be most helpful;



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Did you find a solution to this?


I have the creation of the events working (happy to share that) but have not figured out the update or delete.





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Hi. Another question in this vein is how to keep from having alerts popup in the sync'd calendar.  I only need one calendar to alert me, not two.


Is there a way, yet, to set the reminder to "none" or remove reminders in sync'd (duplicated) calendar items?

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@MattJackson I did see an updated flow that is supposed to handle deletions and recurrance as well, but it gets unwieldy in my practice...