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TSheets Connector

TSheets is a cool time keeping app with a well documented API, would be nice to have some options to get data without composing custom HTTP requests.

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Would be nice to be able to have flow check Tsheets attendance for a teammate, and if not working that day, do not assign daily tasks in Planner.

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Hi Power Apps User Community, 

We (SyncEzy) are a TSheets partner and we have built a bunch of integrations for Tsheets, including a latest one from Tsheets to PowerBI.


This allows you to connect from PowerBI to build reports and dashboards on your TSheets data. We take a daily extract of TSheets data and make it available to connect and build reports and dashboards on PowerBI.  


It's not a direct "Live connection" into TSheets but it's a delayed snapshot great for reporting and analytics purposes, if anyone is looking for this to connect from Tsheets to the PowerApps / PowerBi world, would be happy to assist.  You can reach out to us here :