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Task Management Misery

In my humble opinion, the various task tools are seriously lacking. You can create and manage To-Do's/Tasks in 4 different areas of 365. 


1.) Project Site Task List 

2.) Planner

3.) To-Do's

4.) OneNote


None of these seem to speak with eachother and I am sure that I speak for many when I say that having to go to four different apps to manage my tasks is rather tedious. We need a way to integrate or push updates between the apps for Tasks. While I understand OneNote wouldn't really connect to the rest for various reasons, I think there still should be some sort of the solution for the rest. 


In my perfect world, the new To-Do's app would be the hub for any task assigned to you (whether in Planner or a Project Task List) as well as a location to create separate To-Do's for yourself. 


As is, I and our users find the lack of integration between all of the different task managers tedious and many tasks get lost in the shuffle.


Paige Elmore
IT Project Manager
Charlottesville, VA
Status: Under Review
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If yo do so, please consider also VSTS work items.




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Completely agree. The Planner integration with Flow is currently woefully lacking with many of the key attributes e.g.  "assigned to" not being available. I really wonder how much thought went into this process from the MS side when an absolute key field attribute is forgotten to be enabled.

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Agree. That's why my team hates using Teams- the promise have one place still isn't realized in O365.


The user story is simple for the user view of this:


As any user able to access Office 365,

When I open Teams and reach the appropriate Teams view,

Then I want to view, reply and delete Assigned Tasks, New e-mail (user defined), conversations, setup meetings

And not lose current Teams features.

Now, my 20 years as an Agile Business Analyst and PM/Scrum Master that this isn't going to happen for quite a while, but we'd like to hear one of your SMEs or program owners to say thisa is a defibitive goal for the "paperless office."

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